Avoiding Minor Petechial Skin Rash

Petechial rashes are small, pin point rashes that are reddish and flat. These rashes appear when tiny capillaries under the skin rupture and bleed. This happen when capillaries are subjected to trauma; bumps, scratches and cuts can lead to the appearance of petechial skin rashes. Rashes resulting from minor trauma may not be too much of a problem since these often resolve even without any medical intervention. However, it is still important to be careful about rashes that appear without trauma since these may be an underlying symptom of something severe.

Avoiding petechiae is possible; here are some ways to do it:

  1. When an area of the skin is itchy, avoid scratching very hard. Scratching vigorously often results in the appearance of petechiae. Apply soothing ointment or balm instead or if the area is itchy due to allergies or other skin conditions then take anti-allergy medications instead. Be sure to check for the side effects of the medications you take since some drugs may cause bleeding or may affect the number of platelets in the blood.
  2. Avoid reckless behaviour. If you indulge in recklessness like playing sports without protective equipment or other ridiculousness then you could be prone to developing petechial rashes as well as severe conditions like a broken bone or a concussion. You must therefore observe safety at all times especially when you play sports. There is always a possibility of meeting an accident when you are reckless and you pay no heed to safety.
  3. Avoid allergens. If you have allergies to food, drugs, chemicals or other allergens like pollution, smoke, pollen, animal dander and dust then stay away from these. Allergies always result to rashes but severe allergic reactions may lead to rupture of blood vessels and bleeding. A person suffering from allergies may also feel severe itching, swelling of the face and difficulty in breathing.

Avoiding allergens is easy at home; regular cleaning, dusting and getting rid of pets are your best remedies; using an air purifier will also reduce allergens that may not be seen by the naked eye. However, allergens that are outdoors may be harder to avoid. If you suffer from dust and pollution allergies, it could be safe to wear a mask or avoid polluted places altogether. You must also carry your medication everywhere you are to go.

  1. Keep healthy. When you keep healthy and fit chances are you will be able to avoid illness and you will be able to maintain the health of your blood vessels and your immune system. When you are healthy, it is likely that you will also be able to protect yourself from viral infections and bacterial infections which are two of the most common causes of petechial rashes. You can keep healthy by eating healthy foods, taking multivitamin supplements regularly and by exercising and keeping an active life. You can also increase the health of your immune system when you stick to a healthy lifestyle by avoiding smoking and drinking too much alcohol.

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